What is An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

If you are reading this article, you are most likely assigned to write an analysis of a work J. Locke who was exploring the matter of human understanding and knowledge. This essay was written in the middle of twentieth century, when philosophical issues began to closely relate to psychology, creating a new prospective of looking at the human consciousness. The author actually sees the brain of a human as a blank sheet of paper, which is getting filled during our life experience. This work had and is still having a considerable impact on many branches of philosophy and psychology, because it gives an opportunity to explore humans and their behavior in society by means of a new and unique approach. In this article, we will discuss the work, its key messages and ideas and help you conduct your research and analysis in order to write a good paper about it. However, remember that if this task seems too difficult for you to accomplish it on your own, our team of professional writers is always at your disposal. We are ready to take the responsibility for your analytical paper on An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and write it for you in a highly professional manner so that you will get the highest grades without spending plenty of time on something that you don't want to do.

Essentials of writing an analytical essay

First of all, before you get started with writing your paper, it is important that you know and understand what you are actually required to do. Analytical essay may seem to be quite challenging to accomplish, which is totally normal, especially if you are not a professional writer. But once you get the essentials, things will be getting more and more clear and soon you will realize that it is not as scary as it might seem at first sight.

Let us make it clear as for the purpose of this kind of writing. If trying to speak simple, the purpose of an analytical paper is to present certain argument, provide an analysis of the discussed subject or idea and prove your point. To deal with it, you will have to break down the whole topic into subtopics and explore each one of them step by step. While the topic might seem quite clear at first sight, it can be still only the ground from which you need to move towards a more narrow topic. Here are some ideas what to focus on:

  • The main thesis of the work. In fact, every book of the work has the main thesis, so you can just focus on them and unfold the key message of every thesis. This idea is good for those who don't want to dive too deep into the context and instead, are willing to focus on the most important part.
  • Pick one of the books and analyze it instead of covering all of them in your paper. This will help you provide a more profound analysis and avoid losing the main idea in too much information.
  • Discuss the prehistory of the work. What made the author come up with it? What inspired him to do that kind of research?

All these ideas are good to discuss in your paper dedicated to An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. However, let us find out more about the procedure of writing an analytical essay.

Understanding the format and style of the analytical paper

Once you have decided what you are going to write about, you can proceed to the practical part of accomplishing the assignment. Here are the essential steps you will have to take:

  • Brainstorm is always the best start. Try to come up with as many ideas as possible and write them down in a form of a list, table or any other other form that you like.
  • Look for phrases and words that are often repeated in the work. You can use them as a source for your ideas. If the author repeats something, it is because he wants the readers to pay special attention to a certain matter.
  • Consider using a mind map when brainstorming. Come up with the main point and put it in the center of the paper sheet and draw lines leading to supporting ideas. This will help you make logical connections between your thoughts and come up with more ideas.
  • Develop a strong thesis statement. It takes a sentence or two and serves to announce your key idea. Tell your readers what you are going to write about and try to make it grab your readers' attention. On how much impressive your thesis statement will be depends whether they will keep reading your paper.
  • Collect evidences to support your ideas. In this particular case, you may use quotes directly from the work and provide them every time you have to prove your point. However, make sure not to use more than one quote per paragraph.
  • Come up with an outline. To some extent, a good outline determines the success of your entire essay. No matter how brilliant your material is, if it is not structured appropriately, you will hardly succeed. So before even writing the first draft, create a clear logical structure, put all the ideas in the right order and make sure it will serve your purpose.

These are the steps to take before actually writing. So the next step is going to be dealing with the first draft of your essay.

Proceed to the writing

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding is a serious scientific work, which is why you might spend more time on analyzing it than you would spend on analyzing any piece of fiction or art. However, hard work always pays off.

  • Write the introduction part. This is where you need to provide the background to your reader and include the thesis statement itself. Beginning from the first word, it has to be engaging and impressive. Avoid repeating the name of the topic and instead, explain the essence of it in a couple of sentences.
  • Proceed to the body paragraphs. Depending on the required size for your paper, you may have three or more paragraphs in the body part. Each one of them serves to provide a new idea, which follow one another in a logical order, as well as supporting ideas and arguments, quotes and so on.
  • Paraphrase and use quotes, when appropriate. Paraphrasing is good to use as a background, while quotes serve to prove your point. Both are effective means of making your paper effective. However, it is important not to overuse them. Your personal discussion should still be the major part of the essay.
  • Build a strong conclusion. This part is not going to bring any new information into your paper. At the same time, it is where you have to announce the concluding sentence, which is actually what you were leading to.

Finishing your paper

One thing you've got to understand is that finishing your first draft doesn't mean getting your essay ready. Even the most experienced writers get their essays done from at least second attempt. So after taking all the above mentioned steps, you need to do the following:

  • Proofread your paper carefully. Pay attention to every word and letter to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, punctuation or grammar errors. You may also use one of the online checking tools, although relying upon them only is not the best idea.
  • Have a break in order to take a fresh look at your paper afterwards. And then, read it with the purpose of checking the content itself. Is there a logical structure? Are there any holes or unanswered questions in your essay? If so, spend some time on improving it.
  • Reread your assignment and make sure you accomplished it appropriately and followed all the instructions.
  • Read your essay out loud. This may help you figure out if there are any sentences that wound strange and also, it is good in terms of more accurate proofreading. In addition, usually reading out loud helps find mistakes that you might have missed before.
  • If there are any names and surnames in your paper, check if you have written them correctly.
  • Ask for a feedback. If you let someone else read your paper, you may receive some really valuable comments that will help you improve it. More than that, sometimes other people notice mistakes that you may just miss when reading your own essay.

More tips on writing your paper

If you really want to make your essay stand out, go online and search for reviews and articles discussing An Essay Concerning Human Understanding form different points of view. Knowing what other people think about it is a good way to understand it better and come up with your own ideas. Look for those who support Locke's study and those who disagree with them. Arguments in favor of both sides can help you see the core of the matter and be able to analyze it deeper and in a more profound way. As any other scientist, he had his followers, as well as those who argued against his doctrines. Knowing claims of both parties is a key to finding the essence of the discussed subject.

Having said that, keep in mind that you can always ease your life by using the help of professional writers. We are always willing to write your essay the best way possible, no matter how complex it may seem. Contact us any time and get all the needed assistance!