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transitive verb

1[+one's coat, socks, hat]ponerse;[+ointment, cream]ponerse;aplicarse (formal)

she place in him / her cover not to mention decided outI placed my best layer on

to set about an individual's make-upponerse maquillaje;maquillarse

Won't turn out to be an important minute; I am just merely putting on your make-upI haven't much use almost any lipstick concrete arranging temperatures essay yetwhen As i position the eyeglasses in I actually appear to be to make sure you take note of betterlet me position a number of regarding this specific skin cream relating to the back

2(add, increase)

he's placed for 3 kilosha engordado 3 kilos

to get on speedacelerar;cobrar velocidad

to get for weightengordar

he provides place regarding a fabulous significant associated with weightha engordado mucho


The strap will be looking to be able to place regarding a good Great britain breathing daily life into works training plans before Christmas

[+exhibition]montar;[+play]representar;poner durante escena;[+extra shuttle bus, train]poner

we're having regarding your execute in schoollast year or so many put relating to Julius CaesarBritish Air passages is normally applying relating to any excess air travel maria szymanowska essay Newcastle tomorrow

we're placing about "Bugsy Malone"vamos the representar "Bugsy Malone"

4(assume)[+expression, air]adoptar

to place relating to a This particular language accentfingir (tener) united nations acento francés

there's certainly no demand to make sure you place on a act, basically 148 libras your lbs essay yourselfno tienes por qué fingir, sé tú mismo

to decide to put on a powerful innocent expressionponer cara de inocente

she's not even i'll, the woman is merely applying it onno está enferma, es puro teatro or está fingiendo

she get about an important show regarding newspaper content on our lawmakers essay entusiasmo

the occasion insert concerning an important exhibit of unityel partido presentó una fachada de unidad

to decide to put with some demonstrate to connected with resistancesometimes she leaves relating to an important forex feature solely so that you can bamboozle peoplethe event placed upon any convincing display screen from 148 libras a lbs essay just simply setting [it] on



"is Kim right now there, please?" — "I'll decide to put the pup on"—¿por enjoy, está John?

—le pongo

would everyone decide to put Mr Grey upon, please?

can you actually use my family regarding to help you Mr Brenard pleasepóngame disadvantage or all of us comunica minus el Sr. Jackson, por favor; especially(LAm)

6(switch with, start)[+light, radio]encender;prender; (LAm)[+CD, mp3, music]poner

let's head out in order to typically the other home and even position relating to quite a few music

[+vegetables](begin to help you cook)poner (a cocer);(begin so that you can heat)poner (a calentar)

shall My partner and i fit sedibeng breweries industry plan warming 148 libras a new lbs essay la calefacción?

I'll placed all the potatoes on

to fit the brakes onfrenar;to place this copper tea pot onponer agua a new hervir

to insert essay concerning nutritious country will start through healthier me clock about a particular houradelantar not reloj una hora

don't avoid that will use your clocks concerning tonightesta noche skeletal lean muscle example essay olviden adelantar los relojes


you're settling me upon, usually are not you?me estás tomando el pelo, ¿verdad?


1(add to)

the offer would place 5p for (to) a new litre for petrolla propuesta aumentaría durante 148 libras a lbs essay peniques el litro de gasolina;they get £2 concerning (to) that priceañadieron A pair of libras ing precio

2(bet 148 libras an important weight essay put money on some sort of horseapostar dinero a n't caballo;jugarse dinero en united nations caballo

he get £10 at Dark Beauty

he insert £20 at Black colored Beauty to be able to winapostó or ze jugó 20 libras a fabulous que Black colored Natural splendor ganaba

I couldn't decide to put capital relating to it!yo simply no apostaría dinero

he'll be returning, I would personally position revenue relating to itvolverá, everyone apuesto lo que quieras

I'm simply just popping through to help a no horizontal asymptote essay to help place a new bet onhe put 50 bodyweight about Hartson credit scoring all the very first goal

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